General Info

What is T.I.T. Jam?
Tranquil's Initiation Tradition Jam or T.I.T. Jam is a week long fundraising campaign to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. Tranquil Movement, National Breast Cancer Foundation and parkour practitioners from all over the globe join forces every July to perform, climb and flip their way to a cure.  whether you are a practitioner, business owner or simply want to show support, there are plenty of venues for all to enjoy. 
Who is the National Breast Cancer Foundation?
The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by breast cancer survivor, Janelle Hail. NBCF continues to grow every year to help more and more women around the world by educating them about breast cancer and providing free mammograms to women in need. More info can be found at
How does T.I.T. Jam raise money?
Through out the week parkour athletes perform "Back Flips for Bucks." This program was implemented at T.I.T. Jam 2012 and has been a staple ever since. Athletes will split up into teams of 10 and compete against one another to raise the most donations. It's not only fun for the athletes, but for the donors, spectators and for those in need. A group of athletes must perform the exact amount of back flips to match bill the are donated. For example, $1 bill = 1 back flip, $20 bill = 20 backflips, etc... 
There are also online donations for those unable to attend. In previous years we held benefit concerts, performances and challenged local businesses to match our donation.
Can I get a refund?
There are no refunds for JUMPfest | T.I.T. Jam. In the event you can no longer attend, your registration will be credited towards next year's JUMPfest and the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


4695 Herring Road
olorado Springs, CO 80908 United StatesWhich airport should I fly into?
The Colorado Springs Municipal Airport is 15 minutes away from the campsite. It is certainly more convenient and less stressful. However, a cheaper option may be flying in Denver International Airport. The DIA is about 2 hours away from the campsite. 
Any advice on finding cheap plane tickets?
We recommend using sites like or It is pretty common to find round trip tickets for under $250 from all over the USA. Booking earlier is always cheaper as well.
Can I drive to T.I.T. Jam? Is there enough parking?
Yes! and Yes! We highly recommend driving to T.I.T. Jam. It's cheaper to road trip with buddies and it allows you much more freedom when we have some downtime and wish to explore Colorado, or you get some midnight cravings. About 80% of our attendees drive.
How do I get a ride from/to the airport?
T.I.T. Jam Staff will be coordinating caravans for airport pick ups on July 23rd and drop offs July 31st only! Please fly in/out on these dates if you would like T.I.T. Jam to be responsible for your ride. Preferably before 5 PM. Any other dates, you will be responsible for finding your way to the campsite. 
There is a $50 shuttle that goes from Denver International Airport to Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. If you are interested in that option you can find more info at Colorado Shuttle.
What's the address of the campsite?
4695 Herring Road
olorado Springs, CO 80908 United States

Is T.I.T. Jam right for me?

I am a beginner to Parkour, will I have a good time at T.I.T. Jam?
Yes, absolutely! Having new faces is what fuels the soul of T.I.T. Jam. Entering the world of Parkour is a very important and sensitive time for a new practitioner. That's why at T.I.T. Jam we strive on creating a positive environment where the new get to mingle, train and live with the veterans of this discipline. It's not about our individual skill set, everyone is capable of inspiring others. By putting our skills together we truly get to experience the power of the Parkour community. All levels are more than welcome!
Is my child too young for T.I.T. Jam?
Currently the recommended age is 16+. This is mostly due to the fact that we do drive and migrate to different locations each day. However, we have had younger practitioners participate. Parents will often stay off site in a hotel with their children and bring them to the events in the morning. T.I.T. Jam staff will always make sure that practitioners under the age of 18 are taken cared of first. 
Policy on drugs and alcohol?
There is a very strict policy on the use of drugs, alcohol or other mind altering substances. They are not allowed anywhere near the campsite or venues. Anyone bringing them on site will be asked to leave and will not be refunded. We are camping, but T.I.T. Jam is not Woodstock! 


What is included in the registration fee?
Room and board
Breakfast and dinner
Official T.I.T. Jam T-shirt
Access to the entire weeks activities
How large is the campsite?
The campsite is roughly 6 acres, so plenty of land to camp on. There is also over 6,000 sq feet of sleeping area inside the facility. While indoor sleeping is an option we highly recommend camping out on the land. It just adds to the whole experience. 
Do I need to bring a tent?
Yes! It does tend to rain in the afternoon and you will want yourself and belongings to stay dry. You can also bring a hammock, just be sure to have a warm sleeping bag and a tarp to protect you from the elements. We do ask that people driving to the event bring a tent just to be on the safe side. Please also note that we will all be spending a night camping under the stars, so please pack accordingly so you will be comfortable.
What's the food situation?
T.I.T. Jam provides breakfast and dinner for all the athletes every morning and evening. Due to there not being any appliances on site, the food is catered in. Athletes generally will get 2 servings at each meal, sometimes 3.
Is lunch included?
Lunch is not included due to the fact that we travel a lot during that time frame. We recommend bringing about $100 spending cash for lunch and snacks. It gets very hot and dry in Colorado summers and we don't want anyone going hungry. 
Are there vegetarian and vegan options?
Yes. As the world grows an open mind when it comes to lifestyle choices so do we. We have prepped the menu to accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs. If you do require very specific dietary needs, we humbly ask that you do remember to bring some with organic reverse osmosis water.
Are there showers?
Kinda. We at T.I.T. Jam are all about ruff'n it! Throughout the week we will be visiting waterfalls, pools and other bodies of water. However, we will make sure there are options for those that wish to shower at the campsite. 
How many restrooms?
There is a restroom located inside the facility. We also provide port-o-potties.
When do I get my T.I.T. Jam T-shirt?
The T-shirt will be given to the athlete upon arrival to the campsite. We include it in your welcome bag.