It all started back...

In 2010, the original founders of Tranquil Movement stumbled upon a trail in Manitou Springs, CO. Following the creek upstream, over boulders and dodging branches they began to hear a subtle roar in the distance. As they reached the clearing the temperature began to drop, shards of water droplets began to dampen the earth and a giant stood before them. 

Towering 20 feet above the Traceurs with fists made of ice...they had found their next challenge! This was the first time the entire group had ever been in the same place and to celebrate that memory decided to conquer the titan together. They linked arms and began their march. The titan struck their bellies! Gasping, they pushed forward only to be stung in the chest. As the titan swallowed them whole he gnashed his teeth across their heads before spitting them back out.

Determined to overcome not only the beast, but themselves, the band decided to tackle the challenge one at a time. Agreeing to stand under the waterfall for a full minute no matter what! One by one they made their advance, despite the constant pounding, breath taking temperature, and loss of clothing they each stood their ground. Each renewed and reborn. 

It was this event that founded what became known as the Tranquil's Initiation Tradition and is the challenge that kicks off Jump Fest each year. As we welcome the challengers (new and old) to the Tranquil Family we are reminded that there is no bond greater than friendship and believe this to be the perfect way to break down mental barriers.