July 21-28, 2019

The Campsite

Camp. Community. Cleanse. This will be your mantra during your week long retreat. Jump Fest|Colorado has over 5 acres of land available for tents, hammocks and rv parking. 

Weeks Itinerary 

The Jammogram! Inside here you will find all of the planned activities
Jump Fest|Colorado has in store for you this summer. Relax, mingle, or adventure, it's your retreat.

Parkour Festival

The Main Event! Join us on
July 27-28, 2018 @ Acacia Park for Colorado's only Parkour Festival. Activities for all ages, live competitions and music. See you there!

Wonderful! The most insightful experience with parkour culture yet! The campfire talks and lectures were my favorite parts. Personally JUMPFest was the first time I felt fully realized as an expert in my field.
— Cordleia Storm

fanbase? No...FamBase

"Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter."
- Brian Solis

Camp Counselors 

Meet The Team. Camp Counselors guide campers through training sessions designed to improve functions of their parkour lifestyle. Physical challenges, team building, journaling, etc.

Keynote Speakers

Morning Motivation! Setting each day with intention is key for a productive and rewarding parkour lifestyle. Check out this year's keynote speakers, or fill out the application and...


Help Wanted. Every year we are inspired and impressed by the growth of our community. With growth comes more responsibilities. Here are a few ways you can... 

This was the best jam I’ve ever been to. I can’t begin to summarize everything, but I think that “Community” sums it up fairly nicely. This is the only jam where I felt like getting to know and hanging out with people was the most important thing, not parkour.
— Bear Schneider

To Be and to last

"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Restart and Renew! Challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually where it all began, the waterfall initiation has been a staple at Jump Fest since 2010.


Evening Reflections. Our campfire discussions are designed to allow thought provoking conversations, shared hardships and laughter. Come share your stories.


Fundraising. Share your gifts and talents. Join us in #BackFlips4Bucks as we fundraise for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Can you backflip?